Hotel Avándaro

Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
Project locationValle de Bravo
CompanyChain + Siman and Modo Manera
Lead ArchitectRenatta Chain and Lina Siman
Design TeamNatalia Zenteno and Patricio Galindo Chain

Hotel Avándaro's is located on Valle de Bravo. The project is a renovation born from the need to distinctively segregate its diverse guests, the redesign weaves the hotel’s historical styles with a modern sensibility. Iconic features like sloping roofs mesh with contemporary elements, achieving a seamless blend with both nature and urban aesthetics. Eco-centric, the project employed restoration, energy-efficient technologies, and water conservation. Embracing its 60-year legacy, the hotel’s transformation from a mere 12 cabins is both a nod to its past and a vision of the future.