[AtelierCarle (Alain Carle Architecte) - MILOS Hudson Yards - COVER IMG] Photos by Félix Michaud

MILOS Hudson Yards

Firm LocationMontreal, Canada
CompanyAtelierCarle (Alain Carle Architecte)
Lead ArchitectAlain Carle
Design TeamIsaniel Lévesque

Having worked on multiple Estiatorio Milos restaurants, our design approach has adapted a chain business model into a more sensitive response to every venue. What remains constant in every project are the virtues of Greek architecture – clarity, light and precision – and a lexicon of materials – stone, concrete, plaster and wood. The intent is not to create a faux-replica of this prestigious landscape but rather a contemporary interpretation. The architecture acts as the perfect “stage” for the simplicity of the cuisine, the core identity of Estiatorio Milos.