Firm LocationSeoul, Korea, Republic of
Project locationYeosu, Korea
CompanyIDMM Architects
Lead ArchitectHeesoo Kwak
Design TeamIDMM Architects

FORT & PORT is located in the middle of a mountain altitude of 100m in Baekcho-gil, Dolsan Island, Yeosu-si. In the northwest direction, Yeosu City is formed around Jonggo-Mountain, and there are Marae-Mountain, Jasan Park along the narrow coastal plain. On the southwest side of the site, the city skyline, where Seguji Village and the South Sea contrast, is attractive. Yeosu was spotlighted as a marine tourist destination in the South Sea in 2012, but the beautiful Yeosu night sea formed along Odongdo Island and other maritime islands, Bridges and Dolsan strait became a geographical background