[Yod Group - HAY Boutique Hotel and SPA by Edem Family  - COVER IMG] HAY Boutique Hotel and SPA by Edem Family / Photo Yevhenii Avramenko

HAY Boutique Hotel and SPA by Edem Family

Firm LocationKyiv, Ukraine
CompanyYod Group
Lead ArchitectVolodymyr Nepyivoda, Dmytro Bonesko
Design TeamMariya Draga, Denys Moseyko, Nataliya Babenko, Yaroslav Pavlivsky, Yana Rogozhynska, Sergey Prudkiy, Sergey Andriyenko, Oleksandr Kravchuk
ClientAndriy Semaniv

A five-star hotel with two restaurants and a SPA. The place for slowing down and uniting with nature. The concept grew out of admiration for the luxurious Carpathian nature. On hot summer days, the sun burns the grasses on the meadows, turning them into fragrant hay. It gave the hotel its name and became a central theme in its design. The hotel building offers a 360-degree view. It is organically integrated into the landscape. Local trees, grasses, strawberries, and blackberries decorate the facade, hotel terraces, and balconies. Plants change in the same way as it occurs in nature.