Yuandang Huanhu Posthouse

Firm LocationSuzhou City, China
CompanyTus-Design Group
Lead ArchitectChen Jun
Design TeamChen Jun, Zhu Tingyi, Zhang Ruimin, Mao Yongqing, Wang Jiawei, Yu Zhengkai, Tao Lingxiao, Xu Wenyi, Wang Yaqiong, Xu Caifen, Qin Juan
ClientGovernment of Lili Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City

Yuandang Posthouse is located by the Dianshan Lake in Suzhou, which is part of the whole Yuandang ecological site restoration project. The design integrate the upgrading and transformation of the lake shoreline to form new urban vitality and create regional linkage and radiation effect, which will then affect the whole Fen Lake region and form a green ecological corridor system. The "low intervention" development means is adopted to guarantee the lowest impact on the ecological environment of the 17.5km-long lake shoreline, so as to retain nice landscape resources and fully respect the site.