HIDE|A Link between Mountain and River Embedded in Nature. Quzika 1865 Winery, Tibet.

Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
Lead ArchitectWang Jianfeng
Design TeamArchitecture design team:GUANGZHOU PL-T ARCHITECTURE STUDIO
Client Qamdo YibaLiuwu Zangmi Industry Co. LTD.

To construct a natural scene instead of a building. In Tibetan mountains,hide in nature and build with nature. The Thousand-Year-Old Salt Fields, Offering a Way. The roof of the process space is designed as a waterscape, forming a salt field. Streams of natural spring water from the snow-capped mountains are allowed to pass through the roofs and finally merge into the Lancang River at the bottom of the valley. Different amount of meltwater from the snow-capped mountains in different seasons form the high water period and the low water period,gifting the building with two kinds of scenery.