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Tammisto Electricity Substation

Firm LocationHelsinki, Finland
CompanyVirkkunen & Co Architects
Lead ArchitectTuomas Kivinen
Design TeamAnna Blomqvist, Maria Karjalainen, Tania Serrano, Maija Hirvilammi
ClientFingrid Oyj

The Tammisto Electricity Substation is situated in a crucial hub for power transmission in the Helsinki region. The architectural goal was a harmonious visual language for the site's old and new structures. To blend with a historic substation and nearby residential area, the design features a two-story layout with reddish water-struck bricks. Umbra treatment turned old transformer bunkers to earthy tones. New landscaping seeks to improve the aesthetic quality of the environment and helps with rainwater runoff management. Natural light inside contributes to a beneficial working environment.