[Mario Cucinella Architects - Nice Brasil Headquarters - COVER IMG] General night view of the Nice Headquarters/ photo by Duccio Malagamba

Nice Brasil Headquarters

Firm LocationBologna, Italy
CompanyMario Cucinella Architects
Lead ArchitectMario Cucinella
Design TeamAndrea Rossi (Project Director);Michele Olivieri (Design Leader); Valerio Vincioni, Mariangela Toscano, Angelo Ungarelli, Alessio Naldoni, Augusta Zanzillo; Yuri Costantini and Andrea Genovesi (Model Makers); Elena Biason (R&D); Alessia Monacelli, Guglielmo Barberi, Sebastian Beldean (Visual artist)
ClientNICE spa

The architecture of the new Nice smart factory contributes to efficiency and production quality. The building changes the idea of a manufacturing space with a closed and compact structure, with one of maximum openness and permeability, creating a dialogue with the community and the environment; the design interacts with the surrounding landscape, reinterpreting traditional architectural elements and encouraging the passive environmental characteristics and re-establish a relationship between architecture and nature. It is designed to achieve LEED certification and the 4.0 industry principles.