Saman Satellite Office Building

Firm LocationTehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
CompanyHooba Design Group
Lead ArchitectHooman Balazadeh -Arash Mozaffari
Design TeamDesign Team: Parima Jahangard – Neda Dehghani – Babak Toosipour – Mona RazaviPhase 2 Team: Neda Dehghani – Babak Nasirabadi – Dariush Ghorbani
ClientSaman Satellite Communications Group

Saman Satelite project was one of the many projects with well-defined initial potential but was taken from the original architect to another, us. Unlike the everyday routine which drifts the project away from the initial idea, we set our mission to respond to the requirements of the client while providing communication to cause a higher value by humbly going beneath the landscape to respect the initial design, as a culture of architectural cooperation to develop a hybrid and dynamic result that not only will not outshine one another but also can reach a more responsive solution.