[XING DESIGN - Terminus AI PARK: “Macrochips” Built into the Earth - COVER IMG] SU Shengliang, Arch Nango

Terminus AI PARK: “Macrochips” Built into the Earth

Firm LocationShanghai City, China
Lead ArchitectXIONG Xing
Design TeamXIONG Xing, CHEN Boliang, REN Meizi, LIN Weiqiao, TANG Fanyi, ZHAN Jia, Li Shaoyu, ZHAO Jinru, WU Dao, CHEN Yong, WANG Yuchu, WU Chuchu, HE Shuangzhi
ClientTerminus Technologies Co., Ltd.

AI PARK, a pilot zone of Terminus Group’s AI CITY, is an experimental base for new and exciting urban experiences, R&D testing, and human-robot interactions. Considering the undulating terrain of the site, AI PARK was designed with a set of metal walls resembling microchips that are inserted into the earth. As the creation and exploration of a human-robot co-living environment, the walls not only offer structural support but also integrate robot ramps, hardware equipment, servers, shafts, and outlets, with labs distributed in between.