OCT Jining Grand Canal Culture & Art Center

Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanyCCTN Design
Lead ArchitectBo Hongtao
Design TeamXu Qian, Fu Chenbin, Jiang Jingying, He Shengyang, Kang Qi, Zhang Chong, Jiang Ke, Zheng Zhixue, Chen Huishu, Hu Lanyue, Lou Chunxue
ClientJining OCT Cultural Tourism Development Co., LTD.

Situated in the south of Rencheng District, Jining City and close to the north bank of Taibai Lake, the project creates a dialogue between urban texture and water vein texture. The architectural form and spatial dynamic line are gradually stretched along the spiral line deduced from the Fibonacci sequence, echoing the theme of "waterfront" with a "sense of flow". The building rises from the ground in the northwest corner, with counterclockwise turning by 270 degrees, and reaches the highest point facing the river westward via a section of the ramp.