The New Headquarter of Council of Engineers THAILAND

Firm Locationbangkok, Thailand
CompanyAATTN8A ( ativich / studio x Atelier of Architects x SQ x TeamG x Next2ND x 8.18 studio x Africvs )
Lead ArchitectSalyawate Prasertwitayakarn + Ativich Kulngamnetr
Design TeamSarawut Utama, Siwaroj Thepkhun, Pattana Sriapai, Arus Pakakasama, Nattasit Wongbun, Napassawan Limtrakul, Kanokporn Jeeraro, Sasithorn Burong, Alinda Kruba, Napasorn Tunhuimor, Sunithee Buasap, Kanungnit Akarayothin, Nantagan Watcharakraweesin.
ClientCouncil of Engineers THAILAND

A Place for all engineers and people. A new headquarter is a club of engineers where they can learn and share with others. The 3 major ideas are City, People, and Engineering. The building was divided to 2 buildings, Main building and parking tower. The building was designed by adaptation of the local shophouse façade and was designed to be an iconic sculpture stand-out from the ground-level city. Architects also designed with urban responsibility and Quality of life by improving the urban environment, increasing number of trees, creates public park and library and uses of upcycling materials.