[Aisaka Architects' Atelier - Building of Music - COVER IMG] Day and night views / Shigeo Ogawa

Building of Music

Firm Location1-3-11-2F,Kojimachi , Chiyodaku , Tokyo, Japan
CompanyAisaka Architects' Atelier
Lead ArchitectKensuke Aisaka

A complex building includes a music school, musical instrument sales, warehouse, and head office.Although each floor has different uses, we thought of an architecture in which the building itself represents a music company. Multiple blocks disassembled and functions such as stairs and piping were reintegrated, while each of them was likened to a part of various musical instruments. The front façade is covered with a mesh film (like a speaker transmitting music to the city) allows wind and view from inside to pass through while controlling conditions sunlight, sound, and ventilation.