[SED-IA Architects - The Pulse of Tree - COVER IMG] Shawn Liu Studio

The Pulse of Tree

Firm LocationTaipei City, Taiwan
Project locationNew Taipei City, Taiwan
CompanySED-IA Architects
Lead ArchitectHung-Tsung Ko
Design TeamJoan Pan

Starting from the concept of "The Pulse of Tree ", the project features four residential units built around a central service box, forming an urban ecological tower similar to trees swaying in the wind. The facade consists of curved balconies, colored aluminum grilles and stones. The flowing grilles not only serve as a dialogue with Linkou's wind but also solve the problem of the northeast monsoon. Also, each unit has a sun parlor to regulate the microclimate. The open space combining the public function of the houses extends the texture of the urban green belt and echoes the surroundings.