[Perkins&Will - Bambu Atmosfera - COVER IMG] Aesthetically pleasing and sustainable compared to other materials, bamboo is light, durable and fast growing. Photos: Nelson Kon and Alberto Ricci.

Bambu Atmosfera

Firm LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
Project locationUbatuba, SP, Brazil
Lead ArchitectDouglas Tolaine
Design TeamDouglas Tolaine, Fernando Vidal, Lara Kaiser, Adriana Barbosa, Fernando Afonso, Cesar Ramos, Fátima Oliveira, Fábio Jungstedt, Thiago Ferrari e Gustavo Masotti.
ClientAtmosfera Incorporadora

With bamboo facades combined with copper, Perkins&Will creates contemporary design in a residential building in Ubatuba on the north coast of São Paulo. The façade is made up of vertical slats of treated bamboo, which can be redesigned by the movement of articulated louvers, becoming a living and dynamic element and giving it a unique identity and in dialogue with the local ecosystem. Bamboo works very well when applied to constructions as it adapts to the most diverse functions and forms. Low-cost natural material the species grows intensely in the region, reducing use of natural resources.