[ARCHETONIC - AMIRÁ - COVER IMG] Photography: Rafael Gamo.


Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
Project locationQueretaro, Mexico.
Lead ArchitectARCHETONIC / Jaime Micha+Jacobo Micha+ Alan Micha
Design TeamJorge Pineda Flores, Eduardo Brito Flores, Rubén Velázquez Martínez, Gustavo O´Farrill Ferro., Rodrigo Muñoz García, Moisés Bissu Palombo, Alejandro Lastiri, Leonardo Moreno, Alfredo Monterde Alarcón, Ricardo Martínez Mathey.

AMIRÁ is located on a hill above the city. Our design process cared for reciprocity between the architecture and the city. The project organizes it housing units in regular superimposed and displaced blocks, which are penetrated by angular bodies that contain common areas for the building’s community. The quality of these cantilevered, half open areas, protests and reflects on how housing projects solve their coexistence typologies. Two distinct shades of apparent concrete give materiality to the façade, which, as the sun goes down, adopts the ochre and earthy tones of its dry surroundings.