[Touloukian Touloukian Inc. - Boylston Street Residences - COVER IMG] Photographer: Anton Grassl

Boylston Street Residences

Firm LocationBoston, United States
Project locationBrookline, MA
CompanyTouloukian Touloukian Inc.
Lead ArchitectTheodore Touloukian

Mindful of the urban condition, the 6-unit residential townhouses are setback from the property to align with the adjacent housing context scale, and blend into the foreground of the park’s mature trees. Utilizing masonry earth tones, beveled recess openings, and textured brick patterns; the park facing facade emulates its landscape context while the street facing facade features smooth cement panels. The design is integrated within its context through form, texture, and materiality, highlighting our civic response to transform a formerly vacant lot and improve Brookline’s urban fabric.