Liv Guatemala

Firm LocationBuenos Aires, Argentina
CompanyATV Arquitectos
Lead ArchitectATV Arquitectos - Arch. Federico Azubel Arch. Ignacio Trabucchi Arch. Walter Viggiano
Design TeamProject team: Anabella Gatto - Agustín Camicha - Josefina Llambías - Juan Ignacio Fernandez - Candelaria Guzmán - Hernán Martinez Structural Consultant: Angel Santos Photographer: Albano García

Located in the neighborhood of Palermo in the city of Buenos Aires, on a tree-lined street, on a lot with a 16-meter front, the building establishes a unique relationship with neighboring buildings, both due to its proximity to the corner and the diversity of scales. Given this context, the project seeks to understand these constraints as potential points of contact that allow addressing the issue of the territory as the design challenge of inserting an architectural work into an existing environment.