[Sordo Madaleno  - The Village - COVER IMG] Exterior view at sunset / © Óscar Caballero for Sordo Madaleno

The Village

Firm LocationMéxico City, Mexico
Project locationPlaya del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
CompanySordo Madaleno
Lead ArchitectJavier Sordo Madaleno
Design TeamPartners: Javier Sordo Madaleno de Haro, Fernando Sordo Madaleno de Haro / Project Leader: Luis Hernández / Design Managers: Javier Páez/Alejandro Olivier / Design Team Member: Antonio Urrutia

The Village, a residential development on the Riviera Maya in Mexico, used its significant geographical (jungle) and historical (pre-Hispanic Mayan culture) context as a conceptual basis to allow an extensive residential masterplan to consciously insert itself into a territory of unique qualities. This visually complex volume is ordered according to the modulation of 4mx4m structural boards, being the basic constructive element of the entire project. Within this system –based on concrete frames–, the different apartments are housed, ranging from 80 sqm to 160 sqm.