[Omar Gandhi Architects - OG House - COVER IMG] Ema Peter Photography

OG House

Firm LocationToronto, Canada
CompanyOmar Gandhi Architects
Lead ArchitectOmar Gandhi with Jordan Rice
Design TeamOmar Gandhi, Jordan Rice, Jeff Shaw, Jeff Walker, Kelly Cameron, Lauren McCrimmon, John Gray Thomson, Kristi MacDonald, Chad Jamieson, Liam Thornewell, Stephanie Hosein
ClientOmar and Adrian Gandhi

Located in the vibrant, historic North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia on a narrow and abandoned lot. The adjacent property was previously the site of a neighbourhood African Nova Scotian barbershop. The project was designed as the primary residence of Omar Gandhi, his partner, and his son, sitting over top of the architecture studios’ east coast home base. However, over the course of the build, the studio grew too large to be accommodated in the modest space. The ground-floor office is now a community studio, focused on projects for the north end of Halifax, including housing for the homeless.