[IUA Ignacio Urquiza Arquitectos + apda - Las Rocas - COVER IMG] Photography by Onnis Luque, courtesy of Ignacio Urquiza Arquitectos

Las Rocas

Firm LocationAvenida Bucareli 108, Interior: 104 Colonia: Centro Delegación: Cuauhtémoc CP 06000, Ciudad de México, Mexico
CompanyIUA Ignacio Urquiza Arquitectos + apda
Lead ArchitectIgnacio Urquiza
Design TeamArchitect: Ignacio Urquiza Seoane. Interior Design Principal: Ana Paula De Alba. Design Team: Michela Lostia di Santa Sofia, Ana Laura Ochoa, Anet Carmona. Interior Design Team: Sacha Bourgarel

"Las Rocas" is a 4-house complex in Valle de Bravo's northern La Peña, a cliffside area with large rock formations and unique vegetation, bordering a protected natural reserve. The study of the site was conducted meticulously to identify possible spaces where we could build while minimizing the impact on the rocks, vegetation, and existing water flows. The design considered a module, the placement on the site, and connecting corridors. This corridors, varies in size and shape in response to the positions of the volumes housing different functional areas.