[Bernardes Arquitetura - CLL House - COVER IMG] CLL House. Photo: Fernando Guerra

CLL House

Firm LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
Project locationPorto Feliz, São Paulo, Brazil
CompanyBernardes Arquitetura
Lead ArchitectThiago Bernardes
Design TeamRafael Oliveira, Camila Tariki, Matheus D’Almeida, Luiza Barros, Renata Leite, Ana Carolina Zuin, Thássia Reis, Paula Rimi, Otávio Pimenta, Luís Felipe Sobreiro, Daniel Ferreira

A place of meeting and rest for the family in the countryside. The design takes shape from the topography of its surroundings to ensure an integrated insertion into the landscape. This is reinforced by the presence of the green roof and the fluidity between indoor and outdoor spaces. Three plateaus distribute the architectural program along the sloping terrain, organizing the private, social and leisure areas. A single glulam roof, supported by four structural blocks, connects the levels, creating a cozy ceiling height for the bedrooms while opening generously to the social areas.