[Gera studio - Narbon - COVER IMG] Photo Credit: Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh


Firm LocationTehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Project locationKerman, Iran
CompanyGera studio
Lead ArchitectHossein Namazi
Design TeamMarzieh Mehranfar.Mehdi Arab Ameri,Amirmasoud Derikvand,Mehrad Ghaderi,Mohamad Shakori
ClientMostafa Manzori,Roya Jamshidi

This villa is located in a pomegranate garden in outer side of Kerman with 1800 years history.by preserving the thatched wall of the garden the existing texture of the place is saved. we encounter a building that captures a portion of the sky, thanks to two deep rifts called "sky rifts” which can help keep the building cool by creating shadows and good ventilation to save the energy in this arid climate and access to multi-level roofs which create a space for stargazing, enjoying night-outs to redefine the purpose of the neglected roof, which is deeply rooted in this climate and culture.