[ZEST architecture - Rammed Earth House - COVER IMG] Photo: Pol Viladoms

Rammed Earth House

Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
Project locationAragón, Spain
CompanyZEST architecture
Lead ArchitectCo Govers
Design TeamCo Govers, Maria Matamala, Anna Vidal Garcia, Bianca Schaub

This off grid house is like a pavilion; a long horizontal volume with a sculptural roof. In plan it adapts to the movements of the sun, the views and the summer breezes. The relationship between inside and outside defines everything else. To celebrate the landscape we used recycled earth excavated for foundations and swimming pool to build a rammed earth wall that runs throughout the house and creates thermal mass to mitigate the strong temperature differences in this harsh climate. It is an element that invites touch and changes depending on the light, creating a unique, tactile architecture.