[Superkül - Birdhouse - COVER IMG] Birdhouse_Photography by Doublespace


Firm LocationToronto, Canada
Project locationApsley, Ontario, Canada
Lead ArchitectMeg Graham, Partner-in-Charge
Design TeamWill Elsworthy, Project Architect

Perched on the Canadian Shield, Birdhouse aspires to a purity of form whose power lies in flawless proportions, monochromatic materials, and exquisite modesty. Clad in shou sugi ban charred cedar and forthright in shape and function, like the eponymous structure that inspired its design, Birdhouse communicates with nature while protecting from the elements to create a refuge for connection and repose. White oak millwork unfolds seamlessly across the double-height interiors, belying the complex detailing required to achieve a clean, continuous effect — the disappearing act of minimalist design.