[Block722 - O Lofos - COVER IMG] Block722_O Lofos_Photogr. Ana Santl

O Lofos

Firm LocationAthens, Greece
Lead ArchitectBlock722 architects
Design TeamSotiris Tsergas, Katja Margaritoglou, Francesca Balfoussia, Michael Gryllakis, Christina Kontou, Yannis Mantzaris, Sofia Badeka, Eva Dimoula, Danai Lazaridi, Aristea Topizopoulou

The green, wild Cretan landscape and the richness and heritage of traditional crafts define residence O Lofos. The natural environment that combines views of the mountains, plains and the Mediterranean Sea, was vital for the design process. The architecture was driven by desire to create a modern house that is discreet and respectful to its surroundings. The design merges natural materials that are often used in the local vernacular, such as wood and stone. At the same time, the atmosphere is distinctly contemporary, blending studio’s inherent Scandinavian sensibility and organic minimalism.