[Nguyen Khai Architects & Associates (NKAA) - Labri - COVER IMG] Photo by Hiroyuki Oki


Firm LocationHue, Viet Nam
CompanyNguyen Khai Architects & Associates (NKAA)
Lead ArchitectNguyen Quang Khai

Labri is located at the end of a small alley, separated by one of nine ponds in the Citadel area of Hue City. It has four blocks, covered by three layers: glass, vines, and concrete, put randomly and rotated at different angles. There are no interior walls to separate spaces, and exterior walls to block the house from the outside world. Labri is a home for anyone who wants to find inner peace and recognize our origin as nature lovers. It is nice to blend with nature, to breathe between nature, and go back to the old lifestyle when everything is just as simple as it used to be.