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Ruins Cave Garden

Firm LocationDali, China
Project locationDali,Yunnan Province
Lead ArchitectWU Zhou
Design TeamChen Nuo (Project Architect), Ye Xinmiao, Cai Huangyi, Liu Changrui, Bai Haowen, Tang Zhiting, Hu Jiaqi, Chen Yunxiang, Sun Yiqi, Zhou Chunxiang, Mu Ziqi, Chen Ziyao, Zhang Huaxin, Deng Yunrui, Chen Xiaoyong, Wang Huiyan

the Ruins Cave Garden, formerly a Bai residence in Yunnan, now modernly reflects the Bai's courtyard lifestyle. traditional courtyard turns to embrace expansive views. it's transitioning into an architect's studio, balancing Bai traditions with modern design. Featuring diverse structures like stone-wood and brick-stone-concrete, the renovation blends these elements harmoniously with nature. Updated interiors emphasize openness. Steel, chosen for weather resilience, and materials like aluminum-magnesium-manganese sheets have been used, fusing traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques.