[Coinhab arhitekti - House 1624 - COVER IMG] Tomaž Pažek, Tadej Bernik

House 1624

Firm LocationMaribor, Slovenia
Project locationZgornja Kungota, Slovenia
CompanyCoinhab arhitekti
Lead ArchitectTomaž Pažek
Design TeamTaja Benčina, Gašper Kogelnik
ClientVinogradništvo in izletniška kmetija Leber

Winery Leber, run by well-known Styrian winemakers, lies in beautiful surroundings of Slovenske gorice. The owners decided to renovate historically protected vineyard cottage from the beginning of 17th century, with late renaissance details. The aim was to transform the historic monument into a boutique hotel with an accompanying wellness program. The dimensions of the centuries-old house were not spatially sufficient for such a complex program, so the building needed to be enlarged with an new modern extension.