[intoRAW - Satoyama Satellite Office - COVER IMG] Common space - ground floor / photo: Soichiro Suizu

Satoyama Satellite Office

Firm LocationGifu, Japan
Project locationMinokamo City, Japan
Lead ArchitectYoshie Osawa
Design TeamConstruction: Shimaken Co., Collaboration: Sekishoko High School
ClientKamoken Lab

Centuries of Japanese Satoyama culture encouraged harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. Satoyama Satellite Office project revitalises an area where inhabitants once sustainably sourced from local hills while preserving nature. Unfortunately, neglect in recent years led to ecological issues. The project rejuvenates and conveys Satoyama's significance. Materials for renovation were obtained in the nearest vicinity which again helped to restore balance in nature. Also resources from demolition work of the folk house were reused as much as possible.