The Autograph Collection hotel of the 11th Jiangsu Horticultural Expo

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationNanjing, Jiangsu province, P.R.China
CompanyChina Architecture Design & Research Group (CADG)
Lead ArchitectCui Kai, Guan Fei, Dong Yuanzheng
Design TeamDesign team:Fu Yifei, Guo Yiming, Zhang Jiashu; Interior design:PIA interior; Landescape:CUCD; Curtainwall design:CADG; Lighting:CHINAHUMAX; M&E consultant:Squiremech; Hotel Management:Marriott International
ClientJiangsu Garden Expo Park Construction and Development Co., Ltd

Autograph Collection is a young brand of Marriott International, each hotel has a distinctive personality, emphasizing difference, experience and tailor-made feeling.In the process of design, in order to seek new breakthroughs, we continue to excavate and interpret the spirit of the place, while using the most rational language, light materials and simple construction to complete.