[23o5 Studio - 215D7 - COVER IMG] Green Elevation / Hiroyuki Oki


Firm LocationHo Chi Minh, Viet Nam
Project locationThao Dien Ward , Thu Duc , Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Company23o5 Studio
Lead ArchitectNgo Viet Khanh Duy
Design TeamPham Duc Minh, Hue Tran

The house is renovated from an old villa, the living space is missing the connection of a Vietnamese family. The renovation is based on the structure of the old house, rearranging the necessary spaces according to the requirements, expanding the common spaces or special spaces (yoga). The new structure of the house is cohesive and seamless - the ground floor is the living area, swimming pool, and garden. The first floor focuses on bedrooms, the second floor arranges large spaces for recreational activities and relaxation.