[CambridgeSeven - The Foundry - COVER IMG] Foundry Restored Exterior and Shared Street and Park / Credit - Anton Grassl

The Foundry

Firm LocationCambridge, United States
Lead ArchitectStefanie Greenfield, AIA
Design TeamJustin Crane, FAIA; Danielle McDonough, AIA; Wonyeop Seok, AIA
ClientCity of Cambridge & Cambridge Redevelopment Authority

Amidst a biotechnology and life science building boom in Cambridge, MA, residents were passionate about preserving their neighborhood’s architectural heritage and securing space that serves the general public and the arts. The City purchased a vacant 1890 foundry building – one of the last remnants of the area’s industrial history – with the goal of restoring and repurposing it for public use. What resulted is a vibrant community center with beautifully restored architectural details, flexible programming, and a new linear park all in a fossil fuel-free building.