[Mass Design and Construction Consulting Engineers - Alive House - COVER IMG] Negar Sedighi (Mass Office)

Alive House

Firm LocationIsfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
CompanyMass Design and Construction Consulting Engineers
Lead ArchitectParichehr Mohammadrezaei & Hassan Torfeh
Design TeamMass Office
ClientMr Yahya Taheri

The current residential building is a 40-year-old building that is located at the intersection of the main street and the dead-end local access. The land area is 300 square meters and the occupied area of ​​the building is 420 square meters. The structural system of this building is a combination of metal frame and bearing wall. The building consisted of two floors and a small basement, where the basement floor was the warehouse and the first two floors were independent residential units, and access to the roof was blocked.