[InToto Studio - Riverside Park Pavilion - COVER IMG] Riverside Park Pavilion - Photos by Jason Keen

Riverside Park Pavilion

Firm LocationDetroit, United States
Project locationDetroit, Michigan, United States of America
CompanyInToto Studio
Lead ArchitectBen Ellefson
Design TeamJames Singleton, Christoph Ibele, Kaitlynn Hill, Raya Alshamayleh
ClientCity of Detroit General Services Department Landscape Design Unit

Riverside Park has transformed an industrial stretch of Detroit's riverfront into an inclusive and multi-purpose space. As an anchor for the new park, the pavilion addresses two fundamental challenges: welcoming visitors to a long-blighted area; while providing a facility which is both durable and secure. Large sliding doors act as portals, drawing visitors into a colorful porcelain tiled interior, creating an engaging and unexpected gem-like quality that contrasts the raw exterior skin. Photography provided by Jason Keen