[CF taller + Taller Paralelo - Casa El Pinar - COVER IMG] A house in the woods (Rafael Gamo)

Casa El Pinar

Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
CompanyCF taller + Taller Paralelo
Lead ArchitectCesar Flores + Mikel Merodio

Casa El Pinar emerges among the trees of a property still taken over by the forest in the heart of Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The design guideline was clearly marked by the context from the beginning: the priority was to generate a project in harmony with the environment and forceful in its language. The rugged topography led to a sectional design of the project. In addition to respecting the location of the pre-existing trees, the decision was made to stagger the program in order to take maximum advantage of the slope and to avoid excavating and leveling the terrain much as possible.