[Ateliers Takahito Sekiguchi - Hair room TOARU - COVER IMG] Hair room TOARU / Yosuke Ohtake

Hair room TOARU

Firm LocationSaitama, Japan
CompanyAteliers Takahito Sekiguchi
Lead ArchitectTakahito Sekiguchi
Design TeamArchitectural designer: Ateliers Takahito Sekiguchi & Shinmei Kosan, Structural designer: tmsd, Electrical equipment design: EOS plus, Mechanical equipment design: Gn
ClientHair room TOARU

This is the hair salon located on a roadside in rural area famous for wood resources, which needed to be rebuilt due to land readjustment. Against the standardization of the city landscape, we created walls and roofs consisting of small active elements (mirrors, wooden counters) in the cutting space of hair salon. On top of that, the scenery of the past and present, greenery, CLT made from local woods and things were overlaped in multiple layers through the reflection of mirrors. We created the natural architecture regardless of design or use that visualizes the charm of city and hair salon.