Reformed Student Home located in Pápa

Firm LocationKecskemét, Hungary
CompanyBIVAK studio
Lead ArchitectÁron Vass-Eysen, Tamás Máté
Design TeamZsófia Berczi, János Máté, Gabriella Bocz, András Sebestyén, Sándor Liziczai, Botond Madaras, Koppány Madaras, István Karácsony, Tamás Oltvai, Ágoston Szenthe
ClientTransdanubian Reformed Church District

The exciting feature of Pápa, a city with an artisanal-eclectic ambiance, is that you can see the accumulation of time on its buildings. The new student home, with its mass and plaster architecture, blends into the continuity of the cityscape. In its colour scheme and window design, the building evokes the late-baroque aesthetic of the reform-era city center but rewrites it with contemporary architectural solutions. Each room has its bay window, which functions as both a characteristic element of the exterior and a piece of furniture in the interior for relaxing and studying.