Queenscliff Ferry Terminal

Firm LocationMelbourne, Australia
Project location1 Wharf St E, Queenscliff VIC 3225
CompanyF2 Architecture
Lead ArchitectFranco Fiorentini
Design TeamFranco Fiorentini, Matthew Montgomery, Vivienne Mackley, Jeffrey Domingo, Shin Yap, David Fung, Sam Shattock
ClientSearoad Ferries

Located in Wadawurrung country on the Victorian coastline, the Queenscliff Ferry Terminal celebrates a historic passage that traverses Port Phillip Bay. Sited in a unique coastal setting, a simultaneously beautiful yet harsh environment. The concept is expressed as an arched sculpture that houses many complex requirements within a single figure, engaging notions of passage, shelter, and place. The sculptural form creates a series of public spaces around and within the building, tailored to frame the paths and views that engage the surrounding landscape, rituals, and historic structures.