[Between the Walls - Old&New - COVER IMG] Ph: Andriy Bezuglov


Firm LocationKyiv, Ukraine
CompanyBetween the Walls
Lead ArchitectVictoria Karieva
Design TeamVictoria Karieva, Andriy Anisimov, Andriy Bezuglov
ClientThe client maintains a healthy mindfullness lifestyle, and professes hedonism. She devotes a lot of time to sports and travelling, and is one of the founders of the feminist activist group Femen.

A charismatic personality usually combines several traits that could seemingly belong to entirely different people. It is the same with this interior design - in the small area of Old&New apartment, it combines several different styles without any buffer zones or smooth transitions, coexisting in a shared space and shaping a unique harmony. There is a place for vintage carpets, a green kitchen cupboard, concrete ceilings, and the vibe of a "grandmother's house".