Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanySLT Design
Lead ArchitectChen Ling
Design TeamShanshan Jiang, Dandan Shi, Yuxuan Zhu, Chenglin Cao, Tao He, Qian Zhang, Chao Tang, Shuyin Hua, Dan Lin, Liangyu Zhang, Si Han, Yixuan Song, Yu Fu

HOLILAND TRAVEL combines retail, dining and other diversified formats. Break boundaries of traditional interior design, as space container carrying brand creativity, create a complete theme store from products and vision to offline space. The brand concept is embodied in space, considering user interaction, psychological construction, and service design. The combination of digital and devices, node development and innovative 3D printing materials spread the new concept of baking, bringing visitors immersive space scenes and gravity-free futuristic space experiences in time-travel theme scenes.