DOBE Shanghai Bookstore WE

Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanyWutopia Lab
Lead ArchitectYU Ting
Design TeamProject Manager: LI Hao; Project Architect: FENG Zixiang; Design Team: LV Jie, FENG Yanyan, JIANG Yelei, XU Zijie, LIN Chen
ClientShanghai Deyuan Shangshu Cultural Technology Co., Ltd.

The designers used 500 white aluminum plates of three different widths (160, 320, and 480) to create a randomized pattern based on sketches, and simulated a downpour on the facade. The steel bookshelves were designed in the shape of raindrops, extending the visual vocabulary from the facade to the interior. The lobby is equipped with a large folding window, which, once opened, seamlessly integrates the interior and exterior spaces into a whole. The lobby is immersed in the rain. The garden museum, the lobby's lounge area is created by the combination of red terrazzo seats and green plants.