[NAKAMURA KAZUNOBU DESIGN-WORKS - Into the Space - COVER IMG] One being, like a cloud swirling like a great wave

Into the Space

Firm LocationYokohama-city, Japan
Project locationShibuya-ku,Tokyo,JAPAN
Lead ArchitectKazunobu Nakamura
Design TeamInstallation Design:Kazunobu Nakamura, Dancer:Egiku Hanayagi, Keijirou Wakayagi, Japanese flute:Michiko Fukuhara, Saund crew:Yasuo Kawata, Lighting-design:Theaterbrain/Masao Igarashi, Production:Tashibu to Fukushima, Stage director:Noriyuki Shirato, Photograph:Masaki Komatsu

An installation art space that attempts to express Japanese beauty. A Japanese dance performance was also held at this space. Ikenobo Sen'o, a master of Japanese flower arranging in the early modern period, said: A single object is used to evoke a vast landscape that does not actually exist in that location. A vast landscape evoked by a single organic form object. Hundreds of thin boards are placed in the air by delicate design to form a single object. And around it, a blank space is created that invites people in. Visitors look up and face it.