AtelierTing Vintage Lifestyle Space Renovation

Firm LocationBeijing, China
CompanySoong Lab+
Lead ArchitectWang Songtao
Design TeamWang Songtao, Jane Zhang, Xiaoyu Wang, Sicheng Yu, Mengya Chang, Shuai Li, Kun Liu

People's physical experience and emotional memory of ‘objects’ can bring new possibilities and inspire a perception of life in different times and spaces. The lifestyle and exhibition space designed by Wang Songtao & Soong Lab+ explores the topic from the perspective of the idea, construction and interaction. The ‘Ting’ in Chinese means ‘pavilion’. It's a light and flexible structure used for rest in traditional Chinese architecture. They are usually built by the roadside or in gardens for people to enjoy the cool. The ancient text once said, ‘Pavilion brings time-out and gathers people also.