DRIFT Santa Barbara

Firm LocationSANTA BARBARA, United States
Project locationSanta Barbara, California
CompanyANACAPA Architecture
Lead ArchitectDan Weber
Design TeamArchitect Dan Weber / Project Manager Jessi Finnicum-Schwartz / Design Team Lila Boyce / Renderings ANACAPA / Photos Erin Feinblatt

We kept the mystery alive while bringing an unexpected & design-forward travel experience to this significant historical listed structure. Through impactful & intentional design decisions, the team brought modern life to a building inaccessible to most of the community for so long, previously housing the Church of Scientology. The design incorporates raw materials such as concrete and steel, a beautiful juxtaposition of the new modern interiors & protected Mediterranean exteriors. Locally sourced & reclaimed materials were salvaged & repurposed for the interiors.