[ISENSE DESIGN - SKINLALA Beauty Spa Flagship Store - COVER IMG] Photographer: Lv Bo

SKINLALA Beauty Spa Flagship Store

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationBeijing, China
Lead ArchitectSissi Bu
Design TeamShouxin Sun, Zihao Song, Jian Lin

As an internationally renowned beauty and skincare brand, SKINLALA sticks to the rigorous scientific experimental spirit and advocates the natural beauty of skin activated in a healthy way. As the first flagship store in Beijing, China, conveying the brand concept visually through the space is the first concern for ISENSE DESIGN. Regarding this space as a woman, the design team hopes to highlight her healthy, active, and pure character, rather than the "technical beauty" that floods social media. "Water", an essential element of life, is the origin of design ideas.