Baftar Dermatology Clinic

Firm LocationTehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Project locationTehran, Iran
CompanyAsNow design and construct
Lead ArchitectSolmaz Tatari, Ehsan Tavassoli
Design TeamDesign Team: Nila Shahmohammadi, Detail Design Team: Nila Shahmohammadi, Amirhossein Najimi, Executive Manager: Armeen Shahmohammadi
ClientDr. Farid Safar

The idea for interior design of the Bafter, a dermatology Clinic, was formed by an effort to embody the concepts related to the treatment process and the oblique reference to the mastery of the doctor. Contemplating the Vocabulary related to this field brings to mind features such as texture, layers, purification, elegance, sensitivity and flexibility. To materialize these words, physical similarities and sometimes thought-out contrasts were used in an attempt to engage the audience’s sense in this limited and small spatial box.