[Bruno Dias Arquitectura - Tarouca Gastro Bar - COVER IMG] Hugo Santos Silva

Tarouca Gastro Bar

Firm LocationAnsião, Portugal
CompanyBruno Dias Arquitectura
Lead ArchitectBruno Dias
Design TeamBruno Lucas Dias; Tânia Matias; Cristiana Henriques
ClientTarouca Gastro Bar

The focus of this project was the renovation an old games room, that was part of a restaurant. In its essence, the project aimed at giving the space a new dynamic that would give it a welcoming ambience, not only for people going for a meal, but also for relaxing and socialising. The initial challenges was creating a more secluded area between the dining room and the area designated to reach the technical part of the establishment. Therefore, the choice was to incorporate wooden panels that work as a physical barrier between these two spaces, which allow for more privacy in the dining area.