Duravit Shanghai Flagship Showroom

Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanyHATCH Architects
Lead ArchitectDavid Wei
Design TeamPenghong Lu, Hua’er Lin, Jiayang Li, Jiawen Xu, Yuchao Zhang, Qu Zhang, Qian Wang, Jingjing Duan, Enrui Xu (intern), Junjie Jiang (intern)

The flagship showroom locates in Shanghai’s Changning CBD, occupying an independent two-storied building. Our design concept can be traced to Duravit’s origin in Hornberg, a town in Black Forest of Germany. HATCH team creates a wood grouse installation -The bird native to Hornberg has been in the logo of the brand since 1937. We also design a set of suspending installations inspired by neon-lighted billboards in Shanghai. Being complementary to each other, two sets of installations compose a narrative of Duravit’s journey from Hornberg to Shanghai, and from Germany to China.