[Architecturama - Les Versants - COVER IMG] James Brittain photography

Les Versants

Firm LocationMontreal, Canada
Project locationBromont, Québec (Canada)
Lead ArchitectSylvain Bilodeau + Nicolas Mathieu Tremblay
Design TeamConstruction & Menuiserie C.L. — Atelier Gris — Persienne design — Lasco Concept — Cuisine Mario Laplante — Couper Croiser Tapis / rug design — Gabrielle Brunet, architecte — James Brittain Photography

The residence is part of a traditional picket fence style condominium complex. The interior had few visual, spatial or aesthetic relationship with the exterior creating a sense of contrast and disconnectedness between interior and exterior. The project aims to improve functionality and comfort. It’s approach unifies and amplifies the spatial perception and responds to the challenges with simple and ingenious interventions. Inspired by the exterior context and the needs of the client, the concept is centered on light and the possibilities offered by retractable panels with adjustable porosity.